150kw Metal Powder Atomization Equipment For Producing Alive Metal Powders


Plasma rotate electrode process(PREP) equipment


Metals or alloys are made into consumable electrodes as feedstock. Its end face is heated by plasma torch and melt into molten liquid, then the molten is ejected by the centrifugal force of high-speed rotating electrode, crushed into small droplets and solidified into powders. Helium is the best choice as protective atmosphere because its thermal conductivity is highest and almost 10 times of Ar. By using helium, cooling speed can be increased and plasma torch performance can be improved.

This equipment is used for producing high temperature alloy powders of 50~500 micron which are applied as materials for producing high temperature rotating components of turbine disc of aeroplane engine, compressor disc, etc.. and for energy conversion devices of aerospace craft, rocket engine, nuclear reactor, petrochemical equipment, and coal conversion etc..




1.It is used for producing high melting and alive metal powders, such as nickel-based or Ti-based alloy powder. It’s also suitable for producing various alloy powders, such as steel, cobalt, chromium, etc..

2.The feedstock doesn’t contact with refractory materials during melting and atomizing processes, which eliminates non-metallic inclusions of pollution sources and produces clean powders.

3.Regular shape, high sphericity, bright surface and good fluidity.

4.No satellite phenomenon and hollow powder.

5.Narrow range powder particle distribution,focused on 150μm

6.Suitable for the production of numerous special alloy powders as fast solidification overcomes aliquation.



1.Total power: 150kw-200kw

2.Material size: (Φ45~Φ75)×500mm

3.Feeding method: rod raw continuous feeding; max. rotation speed 15000

4.Powder size: D50=100~150μm

5.Powder quality: sphericity rate over 90%; oxygen content under 300ppm.

6.Gas consumption: high pure Ar.

7.Capacity: 40~150kg/8hour.



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150kw Metal Powder Atomization Equipment For Producing Alive Metal Powders
150kw Metal Powder Atomization Equipment For Producing Alive Metal Powders

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Metal Powder Atomization Equipment

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